DravenX Games

Welcome to Tips and Tutorials for Scirra's Construct.The tutorials will be for Classic Construct V 1.2 .Note that these are

the native .cap files and they will only work with Scirra's Classic Construct v 1.2

SineTutorial.cap SineTutorial.cap
Size : 967.673 Kb
Type : cap
SineTutorial_Part2.cap SineTutorial_Part2.cap
Size : 108.769 Kb
Type : cap
SineTutorial_Part3.cap SineTutorial_Part3.cap
Size : 555.115 Kb
Type : cap
drawdemo.cap drawdemo.cap
Size : 130.381 Kb
Type : cap
oilrising.cap oilrising.cap
Size : 113.607 Kb
Type : cap
AfricanSun.cap AfricanSun.cap
Size : 785.702 Kb
Type : cap

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