3D Models

                                Royalty free 3D models which you can use for your games .


Landscape1.zip Landscape1.zip
Size : 1014.37 Kb
Type : zip


Size : 70.277 Kb
Type : zip


Castle.zip Castle.zip
Size : 415.264 Kb
Type : zip

Terrain 2 

Terrain2.zip Terrain2.zip
Size : 782.774 Kb
Type : zip

Gear(UV map included) 

Gear1.zip Gear1.zip
Size : 116.734 Kb
Type : zip

Roof Shade (Backdrop models not included.Serengeti backdrop from daz3d , Generator from md2 sitters electronics.) 

Roofshade.zip Roofshade.zip
Size : 515.873 Kb
Type : zip

Dead Tree 

deadtree3.zip deadtree3.zip
Size : 255.065 Kb
Type : zip

Dead Tree 2 

treen2.zip treen2.zip
Size : 117.321 Kb
Type : zip

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