Games and Applications

Othelia my first adventure game.Still work in progress.
Size : 7.445 Kb
Type : zip

Inkpad color is a fun drawing application.
Size : 1.567 Kb
Type : zip

This is my card memory game.It's still work in progress but you can download it.
Size : 1.236 Kb
Type : zip

Aquanoid is a breakout style game underwater.There is only 1 demo stage so far.Remember to have the latest DirectX drivers if you want to play the game.Your graphics card must support shader 2.0 as well.
Size : 1.444 Kb
Type : zip

Gingerbreadman and friends highjump.The first stage of gbman and friends enjoy.
Size : 5367.714 Kb
Type : zip

Great retro game from Derek Yu.And the link to his website.
Size : 10157.327 Kb
Type : zip

I love this game.It's a shooter style game from Kenta Cho

Torus Torus
Size : 6171.175 Kb
Type : zip
CBrush(0.4).zip CBrush(0.4).zip
Size : 1934.325 Kb
Type : zip

Cbrush is a great drawing application which has some interresting effects.This app was made by me using Scirra's Classic Construct. 

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